Clients & Projects

Boyle Associates provided Central Maine Power Company with Third-Party Inspection services on the Maine Power Reliability Program. This project is apart of broad improvements to Maine’s aging electricity transmission system including the construction of six new substations, upgrades to more than 40 existing substations, and the installation or rebuilding of over 450 miles of transmission line in communities from Eliot to Orrington, Maine.  Boyle Associates’ environmental compliance specialists work with contractors and company inspectors on a daily basis to help maintain environmental permit compliance during construction.

Boyle Associates provided Blue Sky East, LLC (a subsidiary of First Wind) with environmental inspection services for the construction of a 34 megawatt wind farm on Heifer and Bull Hills in Hancock County, Maine. Inspectors from Boyle Associates are working with Blue Sky East and the construction team to provide onsite expertise in erosion and sedimentation control and to help ensure environmental permit compliance during the project.

Boyle Associates has partnered with Gorrill-Palmer as the lead environmental consultant on the City of Portland’s on-going combined sewer separation (CSS) project. The City created a plan to separate the existing sewer and stormwater systems in order to comply with EPA mandates originally set forth in the Clean Water Act. Our scientists provide protected natural resource identification on disturbed sites along existing city sewer and stormwater lines.

Boyle Associates is the lead consultant for the Larrabee Farms Multi-user Mitigation Bank. This is an on-going project that provides clients with options for compensatory mitigation of environmental impacts within the southern Maine region. As lead mitigation specialists for the site, Boyle Associates works with clients and regulators to negotiate, design and implement compensation packages for state and federal permitting. Successful projects have included establishment of forested, shrub and emergent wetlands and creation of four successful vernal pools. Post construction, Boyle scientists provide comprehensive site monitoring and work with site operators and regulators to ensure permit compliance.

Over the previous three years, Boyle Associates worked with representatives from New Hampshire Audubon and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to design and implement a habitat improvement and management plan for the 50-acre Dahl Wildlife Sanctuary in Conway, NH. Boyle Associates scientists used GPS and GIS technologies to locate all habitat types on the site; prepared site and trail maps; designed, permitted and implemented hydrologic restoration of portions of a former meander scar of the Saco River; instituted an invasive species control plan; replanted portions of a rare silver maple floodplain habitat; and created and installed new signage for the public use areas on the property.

The City of Portland contracted Boyle Associates to perform an analysis of select, city-owned parcels in order to determine their potential

to provide natural resource compensation opportunities. Boyle Associates performed a desktop GIS review of each parcel to identify protected natural resources using National Wetland Inventory (NWI) maps, the NRCS medium-intensity soil survey for Cumberland County, USGS topographic maps, high-resolution aerial photographs, and state GIS natural resource data layers. Field visits were made to each parcel to fine-tune the desktop analysis and identify vernal pools and other pertinent or significant features.  Sites were ranked based on each site’s total score of points devised through a scoring matrix for site features. Among other factors, sites were scored based on cost of the potential compensation components, as well as the site’s potential to provide wetland or other natural resource compensation credits through traditional means of compensation (e.g. habitat restoration, enhancement, creation, or preservation).